Google Grammar Checker in Search

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You can now check the grammar and spelling of your sentences on Google Search. Google uses an AI system that uses natural language processing to identify and correct grammar errors in search queries.

Google continues to bring new features to its search. One new thing they’ve done is putting grammar checking right in the search results. Although people usually don’t care about the grammar of their queries. This feature can be useful when you need to easily check the grammar of a sentence without using external software.

How To Use Google Search Grammar Checker

If you want to check the grammar of your query, just type “grammar check” after your query when you’re searching for something. Or, if you don’t type that, the search engine might still understand that you need help with grammar.

For example,

When you type a sentence like “Hello, my name are John,” which clearly contains a grammar error, Google will detect it and display the corrected version.

In addition, it can identify words that are spelled incorrectly and provide suggestions for correcting them. Take a look at the following sentence, which contains both grammar and spelling errors.

Remember that, this tool works only for English and sometimes it might not be perfect, especially if the sentence is not complete.


Google integrates AI tools with its search. In this article we showed how to check the grammar of your sentence using google search grammar checker powered by AI.

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